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CHN 3020
blood collection needles are single-use stainless steel needles with both ends. They have a threaded hub that fi ts into the threads of needle holders. The end of needle has a lubricated point with silicone and is specially designed to enter the skin easily with less pain during venipuncture. Needles have a rubber sleeve covering non-patient end of needle that prevents leakage of blood into the holder during venipuncture.

Code Description Carton Size Packing
CHN 3020 Untitled-1_01.gifneedle 20G x 1“ 3,000 PCS / box
20G x 1” 1/2”
CHN 3021 21G x 1”
21G x 1” 1/2”
CHN 3022 22G x 1”
22G x 1” 1/2”
CHN 4001 Holder - 1,000 EA / box