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With constant research & development
and effort, We will achive new vision
to our customers.

Our company was founded in October 2007 under the name of SAEWOO STEEL.
We manufacture the exhaust tubes for Automotive Exhaust System and supply
to OEM Global car manufacturers (Peugeut, KIA, Toyota, GM) as second vendor.
In addition, with the background about superior quality, we export our products
to the global aftermarket including the USA.

Also we directly supply automotive steel (CR, GI) to Automotive Maker as a first
vendor and we are trading automotive parts as well.

Recently, we stand at the turning point as we change company name from SAEWOO STEEL to
SW in order to achieve business diversification, producing and sales of vacuum blood tubes
in the medical industry, as well as exporting accessories for the Oil & Gas Plant in the Oil industry.

We will continue to run as exporter for the overseas market with vision 'challenge and adventure'
as if South Korea has been leaped from a developing country to an advanced country.